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Landcare AustraliaLandcare Australia provided small grants to Landcare Groups as a prize for participating in the 2011 Landcare Group Survey. Landcare Australia conducted a nationwide survey of volunteer environmental groups across the country in order to capture their changing needs and challenges.

The ‘Landcare Landscape’ survey revealed a passionate and dedicated movement of people who are concerned for the future of Australia’s natural resources and need ongoing support to enable them to continue with their valuable work.

Groups were able to use this funding as they wished for their ongoing projects, new tools and equipment and social gatherings.

National Schools Tree Day

National Schools Tree DayFunding has enabled Landcare Australia to offer small grants for school groups revegetating local areas on National Schools Tree Day.

Funding enabled schools to purchase native seedlings, small shrubs, gardening equipment, plant shoots, mulch, and wooden stakes.


Marine Discovery Centre

Marine Discovery CentreFunding has helped Marine Discovery Centre, located in Henley, SA to develop signage on the Adelaide coastline to educate the community about the marine life found along their coastline and highlight the importance of the biocorridor near Henley beach.

The Marine Discovery Centre is a very popular School Excursion site and they depend upon the contributions of a large volunteer base to assist with visitor learning, maintenance of aquariums and other general activities.

Landcare Adventure

Granite Borders LandcareGranite Borders Landcare and Tenterfield Naturalists Incorporated received funding to run their annual Landcare Adventure event. Over 80 participants attended the field day, and a further 50 people participated at 6 smaller workshops and events.

Topics included ‘Strategic Grazing’, ‘Creating Healthy Soils’ and ‘Feral Animal Management’. Funds were also used to purchase seedlings for revegetation, and the groups were able to expand the range of native vegetation in Tenterfield Park, representing species from the Northern Tablelands region. The project’s environmental outcomes include increased biodiversity and representative native vegetation of the local area.

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