Frequently Asked Questions

How do I arrange collection of my empty toner cartridges?

Book your collection request online using the provided account number sent to you on registration. Call Cart Collect on the toll free hotline 1800 666 018 if you do not know your account number or require further information.

What happens to the empty toner cartridges?

Some toner cartridges will be re-used by being remanufactured. The environmental benefits speak for them selves but remanufacturing also offers a good alternative to the highly priced imported counterfeit product. For those empty toners that can't be remanufactured all plastics and metals are separated and returned to the recycle chain as raw materials for use in some other application/product.

Are all empty toner cartridges the same?

NO! ... Empty toner cartridges that have never been remanufactured before are referred to as Original/OEM's or virgins. It is only specific virgins that can generally be remanufactured. Toner cartridges that have been remanufactured in the past can sometimes be used again but are usually broken down and used for raw material or Cart Collect will have them responsibly recycled.

Are empty toner cartridges really an environmental nuisance?

It takes over 4 litres of liquid petroleum to manufacture a typical all-in-one toner cartridge. It takes less greenhouse gasses to produce a remanufactured cartridge than a virgin cartridge. If the cartridges are not reused we are continually using a non – renewable resource and when we have finished using it we are dumping it in landfill where it may take thousands of years to break down.

Do CartCollect provide a desktop service or do I have to arrange to have empty cartridges to be picked up from one central location?

CartCollect can accommodate either request. If you have more than one pick up point you will need to do one of two things

Why do I need to register with CartCollect? I didn't have to with my previous collection company?

Registering with CartCollect ensures accurate information can be provided to couriers. It also means we have an auditable trail and can even provide specific return reports unique to your company or even company pick up point.

Why do I have to log pick up requests?

By logging a pick up request it means we have accurate information to work with. Having run this program for over 10 years experience shows that customers are more concerned about prompt pick ups than having to log a collection request. Once you have logged one pick up request subsequent pick up request are easy. Cookies automatically populate your computer screen with your details.

What happens if a courier arrives to collect a box of empties and I'm not there?

Couriers are not allowed to roam the corridors of buildings and collect items and then remove them from the building. If you are not going to be there you MUST delegate to someone else to hand over collection box to courier when he comes to collect it.

This is the main reason we ask you to call courier to arrange a mutually agreeable collection time. Futile pick ups are charged to CartCollect so in order to keep this a free service we must keep the operational cost down.

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