Packaging Instructions

Taking care when packaging your empty toner cartridges will help prevent them from leaking during transport and will also mean those handling the boxes will not get covered in toner when transporting the box or sorting in our receiving warehouse. Remember CartCollect is a re-use program not a recycle program so we will only accept all in one toner cartridges such as HP, Brother, and Samsung.

If you have toner bottles from printers such as Toshiba, Konica Minolta and Canon you will need to contact these companies direct for a waste minimization solution.

CartCollect is a FREE service so your co-operation can help keep it a FREE service.

Toner bottles

Toner bottles
cannot be re-used and therefore need to be recycled via the manufacturers recycle program.
Toner cartridges

When opening a new toner cartridge
keep the plastic bag it came in to put your old cartridge in before placing in collection box. This will help minimize leakage.
Collection box

If you have any bin liners in the office you can use one of those to line your collection box.

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